AML2018 Finale

Overall, you loved the luncheon; the smiles, the laughter, the tears, the bravery to touch topics still sore and bring peace about them. You are pleased to know that the fundraising event raised a little over a thousand dollars, and will aid the non-profit beneficiary greatly. Each of the vendors were unique and useful, and you love how all the sponsors are local business people as well. The staff were helpful and lively and felt like they were friends at your table. This event wasn’t just for you or the beneficiary, it was for all women and the community. You can’t wait to return next year.

Bye 2017!

I will continue where I left off my weight loss path – both the excess weight on my body and the company I associated with. My personal life, business and investments I declare RENEWED.

That’s a Wrap

As people we allow ourselves to get “caught up” in situations and wonder if our decision was the right one. As parents sometimes we second guess ourselves on the  decisions we make. We can lose our self-confidence. Whoever we are, when we need help, we sometimes don’t know where to turn. We feel as though we are bothering others, we don’t know who to ask for help.