Hosting Macy’s Spring Fashion Event

April 7, 2018 I hosted the first Spring Fashion Event, “The Edit” at Macy’s inside Stonebriar Mall, Frisco, Texas!

I was dressed in a beautiful Calvin Klein belted cap sleeve fit + flare dress, given cue cards and a lovely seat and table to speak to the crowd from.  DaphneAnderson

The models came out, swirled and twirled and showcased the outfits to a wonderful seated and standing crowd. 

Here’s a clip of the beginning … 

For me, it was an AMAZING opportunity to step into public speaking and hosting although I had a few butterflies before we began … I believe I quickly overcame them.

Isn’t that always the case? Being nervous and a little scared wondering about all the variables of what could happen if, what if I, etc… 

And like many others before me and others that will be in my shoes after me, those same fears, butterflies and worries dissipate once the show begins and the talking emences. For me, I focused on the 15 friends and family that came to support me and show me love. I kept reminding myself that 

1. I was being recorded 
2. My children are watching
3. I can do this and if I stumble, keep going

Well, I got thru it and had a BLAST doing so! Thank you to Macy’s for taking a chance on me; I don’t believe you were disappointed 😉 – they weren’t; they’ve asked me back to host but I had another engagement. 

Being my wonderful, amusing and loving self surprised everyone (including myself) by embracing my inner model at the close of the fashion event. Please enjoy the video entitled THE FINAL STRUT!

Most important for me that day …. I had a BLAST!



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