Bye 2017!

It is officially over!

Goodbye 2017!

It was a year that I will never forget.

It tested me emotionally, spiritually, financially, professionally and personally – and that does not include the family tests. It was definitely unforgettable.

At the end of January I lost my “spiritual grandmother” Bessie. She was a wise woman who had no problem giving her take on many and any subject that you came to her with. 

March was rough to watch my best friend mourn the loss of her older brother. His death hit her hard and to listen and witness the family go through it was heartbreaking. She called on me to create a memorial program representing his love of family and I stressed that I would be able to do him justice but she loved it.

May 6th was the BIG DAY; the inaugural event for my fundraising luncheon, Always Mothers Luncheon. It was a HUGE SUCCESS and we SOLD OUT! The feedback that I received was wonderful and so overwhelming both positive and negative but just amazing all the same. Now I am in preparation for Always Mothers Luncheon 2018 and I hope you will join us; it’s on Saturday, May 5, 2018. This year’s theme is Self-Love and after the year I had in 2017, I need it!

My Mother’s Day 2017 was AWESOME! I did absolutely NOTHING … just as I wanted. I was served breakfast in bed, spoke to Deja, watched A Dogs Purpose and Get Out, along with some shows that were on the DVR. I was served a wonderful meal of steak, macaroni, cabbage, crescent rolls and wine. I was missing my daughter but my husband and our sons took great care of me and I’m forever thankful that I have such loving kids. My flowers and chocolates are a fabulous addition.

I received the call that hurt my heart at the end of May. My dad was being moved into a hospice house. Needless to say, I was on the move to Clover, South Carolina to be by his side. He had been sick since October 2016, had his good and bad days but we had “the talk” about his wishes. I’m thankful to have made it in time, assist my stepmom and designed his memorial program. I saw my father struggle to communicate with me when my youngest son and I made it to his hospice room. I can still recall the grunting noise as he was trying to communicate with me but the words couldn’t form and he never opened his eyes. It was a rough and sleepless night but I was awake as you opened your eyes for the last time and drew your last breath. I was there, saw it all and have it embedded in my mind.

June 2, 2017 I lost one of my best friends and
I’m still Missing My Daddy.

I thought I had gone thru all the sadness and pain I could go thru but as my youngest and I waited at the airport on the way home, he started having breathing issues. I can’t fly with him in such pain so an ambulance trip to the local hospital and an extra night in the Carolinas was what we dealt with. Thank God he is okay now.

When I say 2017 was an unforgettable year – I meant it!

It wasn’t all a bad year. There were some accomplishments other than a successful luncheon. Our daughter came home from Japan safe and sound. It was an awesome experience for her and I am so happy that she was able to live it out. I focused on myself and #myHappiness just as I said I would. I was reminded that “friends” aren’t always who they claim to be. Our oldest son started high school while our baby boy was trying to find his outlet.

Through all the trials of 2017, I made it! For the month of December I was sick and just drained but I am doing much better. But I will not be a victim of my own self. I will continue where I left off my weight loss path – both the excess weight on my body and the company I associated with.

My word for 2018 is Renewal!

I’m looking forward to our daughter graduating from college and a healthier, happier, more renewed me! I still have some sad moments and fewer bad days but I still miss my daddy. I’m excited about the second year of Always Mothers Luncheon, celebrating my fourth year in business with Always Assisting U! and the continued growth of them both. I see more traveling and trips in my 2018 view as well as celebrating my 15th wedding anniversary in July. 

Goodbye 2017!
I am looking forward to what 2018 will bring.

My emotions, faith and finances I declare RENEWED.
My personal life, business and investments I declare RENEWED.


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