Make Up my Mind

As you already know, I was having some problems finding a MUA for my BIG birthday. Since then I’ve changed my mindset to do more for myself and what I don’t know, learn and practice until I find what is perfect for ME. 

The middle picture (C) is me in my natural, no makeup state; my husband says I don’t need it, I’m beautiful without it. I tell him to clean his glasses but he’s sweet.

My favorite of these are tied at B and D. The latter because I actually have eyeshadow on AND I feel it’s cute, attractive and looks good on me.

My least favorite look is E. The eyeshadow color combination is not what I wanted. It looks green to me BUT I still rocked it !
The look of A is my natural makeup look. I barely have anything on but enough to even out my skintone and facial blemishes.
I’m having fun playing around with makeup not because I feel I need it but because I choose to. Makeup doesn’t make nor break me. I can leave the house with it on or off and still feel good about myself; though I’m enjoying the different color options. 
 ❤ #iLoveBeingMe 😘

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