Birthday Makeup

For my birthday, I didn’t want to do my own makeup … I wanted to be pampered and be treated like a princess! I reached out to a few makeup artists (MUA) that I knew personally and was told:
A) I could come to her because her car was in another state. She lived an hour away.
B) She wouldn’t be in town that weekend but could the weekend before or the weekend after (huh?)
C) She would love to do it but never reached back out for my address

I decided to reach out to a few friends and see if they had any MUA that they could recommend. I received a few names but was met with other issues like:
A) Voicemail was full and unable to accept any incoming messages
B) Would call me after she got off work but never did
C) Only did make up for people she knew and she didn’t know me (lol)

My mind was blown by all the pushback that I was given. I made a post on social media asking for recommendations again –

           “Looking for a MUA to come to me around 5pm in McKinney for my birthday.”

It amazes me as to how many people don’t read or can’t comprehend a simple post that gives everything you need to know. 
The majority of those responses were that they didn’t travel on Saturdays or I could come to them. I was talking to a girlfriend and explaining all that I’ve encountered and how I was going to go to the local beauty store (Ulta) and book an appointment there for 5 people … myself, my mom, sister and 2 aunts.

I thought everything was done, ready to go and all we had to do was show up; I was wrong. I made my appointment the week of Thanksgiving and Ulta sent a text reminder of appointments to my mom and I but only for 3 out of the 5 of us. While we’re stuck in traffic headed out to eat the night before our appointment, I called to make sure that all of our appointments were confirmed; am I happy I called because it wasn’t. They had 4 of the appointments and labeled incorrectly as a wedding. I surprised myself that I was rather calm and cool headed on the 40 minute phone call to fix everything. All I could do at this point was pray and hope that everything was finally correct. The associate gave me the names of the Ulta makeup associates that were going to work on us; a birthday party with eyelashes ($55 value)

It’s my birthday, December 3rd and the first appointment was 3:45 pm with my aunt, my mom and other aunt at 4pm. My sister and I were scheduled for 5pm but got there just as they were finishing up. So happy we did because they overcharged my aunt; charging her $60 for makeup application and bronzing, no lashes. WHAT and had it listed as wedding. The Ulta MUA stated that she asked if she wanted bronzing but didn’t explain to get what that meant OR that it was an upcharge. That took another 5 minutes to get situated and removed from her bill and it was my turn … with another change. My sisters MUA decided that she wanted to leave and clocked out, so now she had someone else doing her makeup. There was never an apology or mention that the original lady left and she was being given a newbie; at least by my assumption she was a newbie because the whole time she kept asking my MUA what she should use, how should she apply it, etc.

The silver lining to our experience and time as we got our makeup done, was our cousin, Crystal, who had flown in earlier that afternoon to attend the party. She sat in between our chairs and helped us see what we couldn’t in our faces to make sure that we looked good. Her experience was coming from her daughters makeup channel on YouTube channel. Thank you Raveniamdaphneanderson-birthdaymakeup-finallook! After fixing the lipstick color my MUA chose for me, I was finished ad ready to go. Now it was time to check out but was told we had to go to the front and stand in line. Are you serious? Why do you have a register back here if we can’t check out in this area? Why didn’t you tell us that … especially when you hear us talking about the tight time frame we are on to get to my party? Again my cousin helped out by telling management our dilemma and we were able to get checked out and out the door.

Overall, I had an interesting experience, even in my rollers, with my MUA Kaitlyn … I would consider returning.


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